Located in the south of Brazil, one of the major manufacturing areas, Sublime has been an active player in the international market with a wide variety of products. As an export and import agency, the company is prepared to offer efficient service, based on its experience and technical know-how.
Acting as a link between South American suppliers and international buyers, our main goal is to offer the best solution for each client's demand. Through dynamic resource, the company provides excellence in quality, price and logistics. Readiness to counter upside risks to price stability by acting in a firm and timely manner to prevent second-round effects therefore, toward on all the customers´ needs.


• Import and export outsourcing for clients companies;
• Research involving the usage of special rules established by the government;
• Projects which may involve different kinds customs duties;
• Suppliers development;
• Detailed reports and suppliers visiting;
• Establish of the negotiation terms;
• Provide all costs as taxes, expenses and freight involving the import/export procedure;
• Check the best logistics option to keep the supply chain;
• Provide worksheets with the estimate costs and current ones;
• Support on developing new procedures which aim to help in the products control;
• Develop new projects in accordance with client´s needs.
• Inspection - Provide QC report to check production, components assembly, General outlook, colors, labeling, packaging & packing;
• Follow up of the shipments.

Generating quality services, combined with proactivity the company can respond to any demand in the foreign trade of its customers operations, in various sectors, offering significant benefits of reduced costs and operational deadlines. Implementing appropriate solutions for each service demand related the highest ethical standards and strong partnership.

We are always looking for the best in order to offer solutions that are able to overcome the customers' expectations respecting the collaborators, partners, community and investment return.